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Haiti - The love of children, the love of dance and the love of teaching brought Terri to Haiti in early 2012.  She began volunteering at The United States Foundation for the Children of Haiti and it's several residential homes.  She has made 11 trips to Haiti in 5 1/2 years.  Each summer since 2012 she has added dance to the Summer Camp Program run by a team of volunteers at the orphanages. It has been very well recieved by the children and quite rewarding for Terri.  This past summer - 2017, she was pleased to introduce Tap for the  2nd time and it was a  huge success!  Bringing the joy of dance to these youngsters is a dream come true for Terri.  The passion for music dance and movement is felt worldwide, even in a little orphange in Haiti.  "jis danse zanmi m' " (Just dance my friends)

For information about the United States Foundation for the Children of Haiti or to make a donation, visit their website or facebook page:

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