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Our Mission

Quality dance training in a non-competitive fun environment has been a focus here at Terri’s School of Dance for 42 years.  Developing confident well trained  dancers as well as confident, self assured young men and women has always been our goal.  We stress the value of learning and developing skills for the sake of self accomplishment instead of winning an award or prize.  Our dancers learn to work together and enjoy the process of learning.  We are most proud of the way in which our dancers support each other and celebrate the successes of others.  We always look forward to our dancers coming back for a visit after 5, 10, 20 and now even 42 years..  Several of our students have gone on to work as professional dancers and entertainers and others have become dance teachers, sharing their talents with dancers of all ages and abilities. We are most proud to have played a small part in helping them to accomplish their goals and reach their dreams.

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